MachinePix Weekly #13

Soothing Sisyphean sand sculptures top this week's posts ⏳

This week’s interview was postponed, but there’s something really cool for you next week ☺️. I learned this week that CNC machining company SuNPe ships parts in steel-reinforced cardboard.

The most popular post last week was a kinetic sculpture called the Sisyphus Table. As always, the entire week’s breakdown is below.

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The Week in Review

As a few followers commented, this is likely an emergency situation. Isolators are generally designed to be opened when power is already shut down, providing a redundant and visual confirmation of a safe line to work on.

When isolators are opened under load like this, the arcing causes the contacts to melt and destroys the isolators.

This week’s most popular post! Sisyphus Industries’ Instagram page includes some really cool demos of their other tables. If you prefer a more artisanal approach, Yuki Kawae is a personal favorite.

There are more form factors for automatic tape dispensers than I had realized.

Such a charming little tool, although I am a little spooked that the blade rotates high enough to intersect the path of the winding hand 😰

What’s interesting to me here is that the tower parts can be stored directly, but the blades require special protective enclosures. Transporting these parts to-and-from the ship is no joke.


I am looking for a machinist in the Bay Area to help with a tool restoration project. If you can recommend anyone, please contact me.

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