MachinePix Weekly #17

A weird airplane engine and the world's smallest excavator were popular this week ✈️👷‍♀️

Next week’s @machinepix interview will feature David Möllerstedt, a co-founder of one of my favorite companies, teenage engineering.

The most popular post last week was the hypnotic contra-rotating propellers of an Antonov An-70.

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

This past week’s most popular post. Contra-rotating propellers have made previous appearances in @machinepix. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about a type of aircraft powerplant I hadn’t been aware of: the rare propfan.


This post took me down a rabbit-hole of industrial fire suppression equipment. My favorite piece of firefighting equipment is the “Big Wind” firefighting tank by MB Drilling Company.

I am still not entirely sure this isn’t an elaborate joke, since I can’t find a current data sheet on the PC01. It’s featured at The Museum of Construction Equipment run by Komatsu, so I’m going to accept that it’s real.


I saw an honest-to-god tallship in the San Francisco Bay last weekend. Turns out it’s the Matthew Turner, a 132-foot Brigantine Schooner modeled after the Galilee. It was built by educational nonprofit Call of the Sea. Very cool.

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