MachinePix Weekly #23

3D-printed titanium cat prostheses top this week's Most Popular list 😺

Next week’s interview features Jeff Linnell. He is the creator of Bot & Dolly, which pioneered robotic camera control and projection mapping and went on to provide videography tech for a series of blockbuster films. Jeff went on to be Director of Robotics for Google X and is now the CEO of Formant.

Bot & Dolly’s Box video speaks for itself (I highly recommend watching with sound):

The most popular post last week was titanium prostheses for cats that suffered frostbite 🥺—As always, the entire week’s breakdown is below.

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

Digital photography has given us an incredible series of time-lapses from the ISS! For you camera nerds, the ISS astronauts use a combination of consumer Nikon and Sony SLRs and MILCs.

The GSS gimbal costs about >2x the Lamborghini Huracan (~$500K vs. ~$200K). The camera vehicles by Performance Filmworks for Mad Max: Fury Road are even wilder.

Militaries have used mortars for over 600 years starting with the Korean wangu and they remain largely unchanged.

FAQ: yes you can buy these; yes they make a manual version; they cost $3.8K new or $2.4K refurb; I’ve found them for $1.6K used

Please enjoy this very smol tool.


Spencer Wright let me guest edit The Prepared this week. It’s one of my favorite newsletters and probably has high overlap of interest for you if you’ve made it this far in the @machinepix newsletter.

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