MachinePix Weekly #25

Manufacturing wood veneer was this week's most popular post 🪵

Last week’s interview with Jeff Linnell took us behind Hollywood’s cameras and the robots that control them; next week’s interview takes us in front of th~e cameras with Frank Ippolito.

Frank is the creator of Thingergy and has made FX costumes and props for blockbusters, TV shows, and games.

The most popular post last week was a somewhat terrifying lathe for turning logs into veneer.

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

This begs the question, how did goalies repeatably and consistently train before machines? 🤔

Heavy lift vessels are awesome and come in a lot of shapes. Here’s one for carrying yachts. Here’s one for carrying other large ships. Here’s a big honkin’ crane on another one. The strange shape of the VB 10,000 is a result of its salvage application: you don’t quite know the shape of the thing you’ll have to pick up.

Agriculture is one of the industries where constrained operating environments have enabled bits of autonomy to be applied. Mining is another.

The detail in the eyes amazing me. For some nightmare fuel, check out the Millennium FX animatronic baby, which is useful for long or potentially dangerous scenes.


I’m looking for an American supplier of stamped metal parts, do you know any?

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