MachinePix Weekly #29

A bell foundry testing a big bell was this week's most popular post 🔔

I am very excited for next week’s interview. The thirtieth issue of MachinePix Weekly will feature Dr. Steve Gass, the inventor of one of my favorite tools, the SawStop. Stay tuned to learn the origin of the famous hot dog demo:

The most popular post this week was a bell foundry testing a bell. What gets me is that they put a ton of effort into designing a test fixture and then just have a bunch of burly dudes rock it with their bare hands:

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

This is an excellent visual representation of the mechanical shifting that gives the shift key its name.

A video with very dramatic music and a soothing German narrator covers the entire process of constructing the Obervermuntwerk II, including the installation of these giant pipes.

This blew my mind. I thought this was CGI, but one of the creators set me straight. The street was ground for the static shots, which explains the CGI-looking tire sliding. Michael Krivicka’s portfolio includes excellent stunt and prop work.

This looks fun as hell. Often used for dredging.

Tesla’s been releasing some pretty great factory videos on their Twitter, like this battery production video.


If you like these videos, check out Instrumental’s annual Manufacturing Optimization Summit. It’s remote this year so I’m finally able to share it! Facebook/Oculus Head of Hardware, VP NPI at Google, and others will have some pretty cool talks. If your job is involves getting your hands dirty with design or supply chain, you’ll like the crowd.

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