MachinePix Weekly #37

This week's most popular post was a snake-arm robot 🐍🤖 next week's guest... tbd!

Next week’s interview guest is… a mystery! Not because I have a big surprise or anything, but because I procrastinated on scheduling and haven’t confirmed anyone just yet (also why this issue is late). Stay tuned.

The most popular post this week was snake-arm robot by MenzMade. I didn’t know this until I looked it up, but snake-arm robot is an accepted technical name for a slender hyper-redundant manipulator or (my personal favorite) continuum robot.

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

Watch these flame projectors do what they do best in this German laser and pyrotechnic show.

I genuinely had no idea that there were mobile tower cranes that folded, so this was a delight for me. Tower cranes generally “build” themselves up in segments.

Pssst, “bascule bridge” is just a fancy way of saying drawbridge 🌚

A controversial post, probably because the robot arms seem to lend an air of intentionality or malice to this macabre process.


Giggling this week at this diagram of a modern M1 Abrams main battle tank turret on a WWII-era M4 Sherman medium tank hull for scale.

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