MachinePix Weekly #41

This week's most popular post was an aggressively wet demonstration of a spillway gate. Next week's interview: the CTO of Zero Motorcycles ⚡️🏍

Next week’s interview guest is Abe Askenazi, the CTO of Zero Motorcycles—a Santa Cruz, CA-based manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Selfishly, also my favorite personal motorcycle so I’m excited to ask Abe a lot of questions (my Zero makes a cameo in the postscript of issue #39).

The most popular post this week was an open spillway gate. Artificial reservoirs have all kinds of crazy infrastructure!

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

I could run an entire account just dedicated to cool rail machines.

Absolutely in awe at shaping a blade with a scraper (versus a grinder). Here is a mechanized version.

This is cute, but the undisputed champion of egg-related machines is SANOVO, whose products have been posted multiple times in the past.

The lack of safety and emergency stops here gives me anxiety.


The company car is now a normcore EV!

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