MachinePix Weekly #43

This week's most popular post was a Disney robot. Next week's interview: the CEO of Vestaboard and the challenges of recreating the split-flap display.

Next week’s interview guest is Dorrian Porter, the CEO of Vestaboard and Chairman of the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco.

Vestaboard is a modern version of the deliciously analog split-flap displays you may have seen in train stations and airports. We’ll explore the history and challenges of designing split-flap displays.

The most popular post this week was a Baby Groot robot by Disney Research. Disney’s Imagineers have a ton of incredible work in robotics.

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

I’m not sure what I expected a tulip planter to look like but it wasn’t this.

Butter and paper are devilishly tricky materials to handle, and this machine does both.

I never get tired of watching IFRs. Previously I posted a terrifying incident saved by a pilot’s quick reflexes, and a flight instructor silently judging a student pilot that just wasn’t getting it.

Metal foundry vehicles are something else.


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who inspired my love for machines and engineering.

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