MachinePix Weekly #31

This week's most popular post was a very trippy box 🎁 Next week's interview: fnnch, a mysterious street artist known for his honey bears 🧸

You may have noticed a honey bear painting on my door in previous interviews. It’s a piece by fnnch, a prolific and mysterious Bay Area street artist.

From the Bay Area to St. Louis to Chicago to Hong Kong, his unmistakable and ineffable honey bears seem to pop up everywhere. How does he make them? How are they all so precisely cute? What are his favorite tools? What does it all mean? Find out next week when he joins me for an interview!

The most popular post this week was a fanciful box by the design studio Degrees of Freedom which is run by Brian Ignaut, a previous MachinePix guest. Hear about how he juggles math, woodworking, and spaceflight together in MachinePix Weekly #3.

I’m always looking for interesting people to interview, have anyone in mind?


The Week in Review

I can’t find a website for this company which seems to have been around for decades, and its machines are still sold. Mysterious. People advise against using these style machines for modern carbon shaft arrows because the temperature can negatively affect carbon material properties.

As you might intuit, there are also highbush blueberries which use a very different style of harvester.

I should have mentioned this is at 8x speed. The car dumpers at Huanghua are the largest in the world.

Apparently this has been a thing in the Boston area for a while? Pretty amazing. I’d love to know who designed it if anyone knows.


You may know Forbidden Snacks, but have you ever seen a Danger Sharpie?

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